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Humanitas 9
Instructor: Mr. Tacsik   
Welcome to the Humanitas 9 webpage for Mr. Tacsik's English class. This page contains class announcements, homework, class documents, and important links that will be used throughout the course of the year.
Final Grades
Just a reminder, if you notice that your grade is borderline make sure to turn in any missing assignments for half credit before the end of the week. These can help make sure that you jump up to the higher grade.
MLA Formatting an Essay
Sophie's World Final Writing
Directions: Review the philosophies that Sophie experiences through her interactions with Alberto Knox. Pick the one philosophy which you identify with most, and explain how you connect with this philosophy in a SEE-IID. Write this as a complete paragraph, but make certain to stay within the sentence limits given. Your final product should be between 13-18 sentences.
Week 3 Grades
I've updated the grade book for Weeks 1-3 of this semester. If you notice that your overall grade is noticeably low, it is probably because you have a single missing assignment in a grading category. So, right now, any missing assignments lower your grade quite a bit. Remember, any missing work can be made up for half-credit, just turn in the assignment or meet with me during nutrition or lunch to get make-up assignment instructions that you may not have.
Sophie's World Group Presentations Documents
Here are the documents you need for the presentations on Sophie's World.

Instructions for the Assignments

Calendar for Presentations and Reading Calendar

Link to "The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty
MLA Formatting Video in Google Drive
"The Scarlet Ibis" Link
Video Links
Brown-Eyed Blue Eyed Experiment Link:

Yale Baby Study
Notebook Entries
Here are the entires that you should have in your notebook.

Plato's Allegory of the Cave Notes
Embedded Quotes
TPR / Embedded Quote + Analysis Practice
Introduction to Irony
"The Possibility of Evil" Notes
Thesis Statements
Introduction Paragraph Notes
"Cain and Abel" Notes + Yale Research Notes
Jane Elliott "Blue-Eyed Brown Eyed" Notes
"The Lame Shall Enter First" + Figurative Language
Writing Structure Review
Humanitas Field Trip Information
Tomorrow we will be going on our field trip to the Science Center downtown. Here is some of the important information.
  • Meet at 8:00 a.m. at the flagpole on the east side of campus (by Zelzah Ave.)
  • There will be four check-ins with your assigned teacher (departure, after the film, lunch, when we leave).
  • We will leave the science center at approximately 2:00 pm, so we can expect to get back to school around 3:00 or 3:30 depending on traffic.
  • If we get back early, you will need to go to your period six class, so be prepared if you have any assignments due, you may need to turn them in.
Socratic Seminar Slides
Please refer to these slides for information about the Socratic seminar tomorrow. We will be discussing Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and Stephen Dunn's poem "Allegory of the Cave".

You'll need to write down three open-ended questions to prepare.

Socratic Seminar Slides
Library Orientation
8/27 Wednesday: Library Orientation. Bring your school log-in information.
Discussion Topics
No "Homework" exist(s)

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